How you can

We invite everyone to read through our proposal and discuss it with friends and colleagues.  If it resonates with you then please consider helping us propagate it, in whatever ways seem appropriate.  If you have concerns or suggestions for improvement, please let us know. We are releasing this vision into the wild and relying largely on the good will and energy of others to help it flourish.  Crowd-sourcing is the only practical option to make this work.  If you would like to help us financially, you can contribute to our Go Fund Me account at:

Some of you may already be involved in efforts to address the social, environmental and economic problems we currently face. If so, you might find the Aspen Proposal useful as a platform from which to backcast a pathway from today to this distant future. For some problems and issues, new approaches might be revealed that otherwise might have been overlooked. If you find new approaches, please share them.