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April 2023 Update

The number of unique visitors to our website has now passed the 13,000 mark and we continue to be active on Facebook, Mastodon, Reddit and Medium. We are currently running Facebook ads across Canada and the USA and should have some musings up on Substack soon.

We have been operating rather informally since we started, but in the last month the Aspen Proposal Society has been officially registered as a non-profit with the British Columbia government. Our GoFundMe account is now linked to the organization’s bank account and if you would like to help us maintain our webpage and continue our social media advertising, please feel free to click the “Donate Now” button on the site.

We have a couple of new faces around the campfire in the last couple of weeks and some new ideas and perspectives being shared. Please feel free to email us and share your thoughts about the Proposal and how we might engage with all 8 billion humans that make up a small part of our very large extended family. You can reach us at


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