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July 2023 Update

The number of unique visitors to this webpage has now passed the 16,000 mark. We are currently running Facebook ads in India, Australia and New Zealand and remain active on Reddit and Mastodon.

We are now looking for a company or individual that creates whiteboard animation videos to produce a series about various aspects of the Aspen Proposal. The videos would be broadcast on You Tube and Facebook and other platforms to help raise awareness and understanding about our initiative. If you know of a designer that does that type of work and who might be sympathetic to our message, please let us know.

We have also printed a bunch of business/contact cards to give out to folks in our local area and remind them of our website address. We have posted a downloadable sheet of cards on the “How You Can Help” page and encourage everyone, anywhere, to have them printed and get them floating around your communities as well. The more conversations we can start, the better.


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