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June 2022 Update

It has been an interesting few months since our last update.

We have now had just over 4,000 unique visitors to the website and continue to have conversations with folks online, largely on Facebook. Our Facebook ads have been seen by over 27,000 people and we have had some pretty good engagement on Reddit despite being banned from several subreddits for being a little too enthusiastic in our promotion of the Proposal.

We continue to experiment with the wording of our Facebook ads and the most recent iteration, which simply asks: "What do you think the world will be like in 200 years." may be the best one yet as far as engagement goes. We have so far placed ads across Canada and in the USA, England, New Zealand and Australia.

We also continue to send letters to the editor of newspapers across the English speaking world, have started experimenting online with Quora and have put a couple of articles on the online writers platform, Medium.

We have had a little new activity on our GoFundMe site and appreciate any donations received. You can find a link to that site on our "How You Can Help" page.


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